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Make Money by Forex Scalping

Based on the growing community of scalping clients at Capital Grow, the unique and beneficial trading conditions that our brokerage offers forex scalpers, scalping systems and Expert Advisors, we are delighted to provide our clients and potential clients a series of educational articles to give traders an insight into scalping the forex markets from a traders perspective as well as the view point of the broker.

This article covers off the money making aspects of scaling systems, how profits are generated and the correct making of decisions to develop a profitable scalping strategy.

Scalping systems are not about randomly entering the market and buying or selling orders expecting to be lucky. Successful forex scalping combines various features of the forex market to expose profitable trading and to exploit the most basic dynamics of the currency market.

Make Profit from Market Movements

Many scalping systems concentrate on sharp movements that occur in the currency market. In this case, the aim is to exploit sudden changes in market liquidity for fast order execution. Successful scalping is not concerned about bullish or bearish trends but is reliant on volatility.

When trading the EURUSD pair, the spreads are tight, and the market is liquid enough to cause large gaps in the bid and ask prices. Following news releases, liquidity dries out and a significant bid and ask gap appears. Scalpers use these fast market fluctuations for making fast profits. The target is to make scalping profits from the reactions of market traders.

A trader can open up the five minute chart of the price action after a non-farm payrolls release and observe the many price movements where the price eventually returns to a stable price after several spikes in both directions. Many scalping strategies exploit such period by scalping for profits.

Choose the Right Leverage

Scalping involves small profits over day trading; often scalping profits are small due to the small price movements in the currency market. To overcome this problem, almost all scalping systems use a larger than normal leverage choice.

As high leverage leads to high risk, many scalping systems use a low leverage, usually 1:100. Leverage use involves significant risks, since the scalping system is certain to use a stop-loss a higher leverage ratio maybe acceptable.

Using high leverage is especially risk during news releases or non farm payroll where wide spreads can occur and the stop loss might not be triggered. To prevent this, it is advisable to use a lower leverage ratio in a scalping strategy during high volatility.

Scalping Psychology

The forex scalping style requires a certain mental strength. To generate scalping profits, the trader must have a degree of emotional restraint, composure and remain cool. Our emotional responses to risky activities can cause to make the wrong forex trading decisions. You must believe in your trusted scalping system.

Low Trading Risk

Scalping markets is one of the least risky ways to trade forex, but it is still important to have a solid trading risk strategy. Profitable scalping must understand market conditions and forex trading risks. If we risk more than we should when day trading, taking too a high leverage or don’t know what we are doing can negatively affect trading decisions. Do not take unnecessary risks to build a profitable trading strategy.

Start Small to Reach Scalping Success

A careful growth strategy and investment risk strategy should be implemented in any successful trading strategy. Starting your scalping system should begin with small sums and small trading volumes which build as you make forex trading profits. Scalping often means trading difficult market conditions and a forex scalping system needs to fully understand how to make profit from market conditions.

We hope that the series of valuable articles will help you to decide whether forex scalping strategy is right for you.


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